Tuesday 3 February 2009 (08 Safar 1430)

      Woman: An inferior element in our society
      Osama Ahmed Al-Subaie I Al-Madinah
      ALL Muslims know that Islam has honored women, given them rights, 
uplifted their positions, protected their dignity and given them the liberty to 
earn money and spend in any way they like.

      Muslims also know that Islam has given men and women equal rights and 
duties, as well as punishments and rewards. Islam has gone further by giving 
women the extra privilege of making it a duty on men to treat them well.

      With Islam giving all of this to women, there are still among us some 
people who look down on women; they consider them as commodities whose value 
goes up with their usefulness.

      Such men do not feel there is any value in a woman's mind, intellect, 
thought or education. They do not look at them as equals with feelings and 
senses. To these men, women are just puppets, not partners in life.

      The fact that some men in our society do not consider women to be 
complete and as such not their equals further consolidates this view. I am not 
the only one who talks about male chauvinism and the widening gap between men 
and women. Suhaila Zeinul Abideen Hammad wrote several weekly articles about 

      She mentioned several instances, especially in the literary and media 
fields, where there is disparity in the treatment of Saudi women.

      She wrote that Saudi women writers are kept away from becoming members of 
literary clubs and not invited to participate in conferences organized by such 
clubs. She added that Saudi women journalists are kept away from training 
courses and workshops organized by press establishments, and are not allowed to 
supervise the printing of their stories and the opportunity to cover 
conferences and seminars.

      Hammad believes the cause of this is men who consider women inferior and 
incomplete. "This would further widen the gap between males and females in this 
country, and would consolidate the culture of disparity between them," she said.

      To this I say yes. Women are incomplete in our society. They will remain 
incomplete and will always be considered inferior. Their participation in 
literary clubs, journalism training courses, conferences and seminars would 
lead to them mixing with men. 

      This would open the door for seduction, a source of corruption. Women 
would then become shameless and coveted by men.

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