April 16, 2009 

Maid’s Menstrual Blood Was in My Food: Boss

Hong Kong. An Indonesian maid has appeared in a Hong Kong court accused of 
adding menstrual blood to her employer’s food in an effort to improve their 
stormy relationship, a report said on Thursday. 

Indra Ningsih, 26, mixed the blood in a pot of vegetables in the belief that 
the recipe would help smooth over her difficult work environment, The Standard 
newspaper reported. In some Southeast Asian cultures, menstrual blood is 
thought to have special powers, the paper added. 

She has been charged with one count of “administering poison or other 
destructive or noxious substances with intent to injure,” and has not yet 
entered a plea. 

The report cited a prosecution statement that said Ningsih's ingredient had 
been discovered after her female employer, surnamed Mok, peered through the 
kitchen door and saw the helper acting suspiciously. 

She entered the kitchen and found the accused throwing something into the 
rubbish bin. When she checked the pot, she found blood clot-like substances 
mixed with the vegetables and water, the English-language daily said. Mok later 
discovered a used sanitary napkin in the bin and called the police. 

Ningsih told police Mok had been unhappy with her work since being hired last 
July. The helper was remanded in custody until the next hearing on May 13. 

Hong Kong has around 200,000 domestic workers, mostly from the Philippines and 

Agence France-Presse 
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