Completed deliverables:

 * maven
     Deployed to maven central.

 * GitHub
     Tagged, WAR is available as

 * docker
     docker pull

 * 0install
     0install destroy zanata-cli | yes | 0install -c add zanata-cli

 * dchen's repos
     sudo curl -L -o /etc/yum.repos.d/epel-zanata.repo && sudo yum 
makecache && sudo yum -y install zanata-cli-bin

 * Fedora zanata-client packaging

Note that we drop the overlay support in favor of docker.

Ding-Yi CHEN

Software Engineer, Globalization Group
Red Hat Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd    
Twitter: @redhatway | Instagram: @redhatinc | Snapchat: @redhatsnaps 

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