I work on the Fedora Infra team and was wondering if it's possible to
get the webhooks listed below implemented so we can have the Fedora
Zanata server interface with Fedora Hubs.

1. when a string is available for translation  (project_id,
project_version, language, msgid, msgstr)
2. when a string is available for review  (project_id, project_version,
language, msgid, msgstr)
3. when a string is successfully reviewed (project_id, project_version,
language, msgid, msgstr)
4. when a new branch is created (project_id, project_version)
5. when a new project is created (project_id, project_name,
6.  adding/removing maintainers for project_id?
7. When new pot/po file has been added (project_id, project_version)

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