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> Hello,
> I am trying to setup a zanata server.
> I know very little of JBoss, so I appreciate any help/directions.
> I was able to set it up fine on wildfly 10.1.0.
> However, without any users of any way of user registration.  So I am
> locked out of the installation.
> I tried to add some user true the wildfly bin adduser command and through
> the wildfly admin panel.  No luck logging in.
> My second ran was with the docker scripts.
> It worked fine and the same problem.  However, this time there was a sql
> script (conf/) to add the admin user.  Added it in the MariaDB (zanatadb
> container) and still did not work.
> There is no mention about what is the password for that account.  Anyone
> knows what it is?  I suppose that was a base64 encoded password, so I
> changed it to some other hashes and no login.  It is either not just
> base64, or Zanata did not picked up the user in the database (restarted the
> standalone between tries).

Hi Raul, have a look here:

You'll find a script to insert a user and said user's credentials. Perhaps
this should be added to the setup docs.

> My last hope was to get a temporary password with a forgot password link.
> So I setup a postfix relay smtp - I do not know how to configure Zanata to
> use TLS/SSL directly.
> Zanata now times out when trying to send the message and fail.  The smtp
> server works fine and I am able to telnet to port 25 and test it.
> I believe I am probably missing the obvious, but I need some guidance here.
> Thanks
> -rsd
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