I am trying to setup a zanata server.

I know very little of JBoss, so I appreciate any help/directions.

I was able to set it up fine on wildfly 10.1.0.

However, without any users of any way of user registration.  So I am
locked out of the installation.

I tried to add some user true the wildfly bin adduser command and
through the wildfly admin panel.  No luck logging in.

My second ran was with the docker scripts.

It worked fine and the same problem.  However, this time there was a sql
script (conf/) to add the admin user.  Added it in the MariaDB (zanatadb
container) and still did not work.

There is no mention about what is the password for that account.  Anyone
knows what it is?  I suppose that was a base64 encoded password, so I
changed it to some other hashes and no login.  It is either not just
base64, or Zanata did not picked up the user in the database (restarted
the standalone between tries).

My last hope was to get a temporary password with a forgot password
link.  So I setup a postfix relay smtp - I do not know how to configure
Zanata to use TLS/SSL directly.

Zanata now times out when trying to send the message and fail.  The smtp
server works fine and I am able to telnet to port 25 and test it.

I believe I am probably missing the obvious, but I need some guidance here.



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