There’re tons of Zappa’s Quotes’ sites, maybe you can look it up. Try these:


Hope you find it!


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"Without deviation from the norm, Progress is not possible"

That One?

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> Ok I recall seeing a Zappa quote that was at the bottom of a list
> comment a while back. And i'm racking my brain for weeks now trying
> recall it. It was something about innovators, creating, thinking
> differently, or something like that. Can anyone remember what that
was for
> me please. There is a chalkboard at work where they always post
these stupid
> quotes and i thought zappa's was a great one that would open some
eyes if I
> could write it up there.
> Thanks
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For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

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