Patience, Kids...
I have been working for the past two weeks on remastering the first two "Variations" - Wild Love and Yo Mama (Drowning Witch will have to wait a bit, as I have other projects that were put off to allow for these, but should be ready in time for the Holiday frenzy). Be watching for an announcement regarding these early next week...
Just so we all know what we're getting into:
1) These all were MP3 sourced, 160 compression. The sound quality is pretty damn good, IMO.
2) The remastering involved: a) resampling to correct pitch variation {not too bad with the WL, but rampant with YM}, b) elimination of "digi-pops" on several tracks, tho' some residual noise is still detected on WL771020 Boston early {you can only do so much before you start mangling the sound wave}, c) elimination of small gaps - especially on Wild Love, which seemed to be a song where the tape got 'flipped', every track had a gap; I think I stayed in meter quite well with these, d) some re-EQ to minimize the jarring effect of one concert hall 'sound' to another, and e) mixing of the tracks to create a smooth segue between them {each disk will play thru without gap or interruption}. I went out of chronological order on Wild Love so as to avoid it becoming a 3-disk set; you'll just have to trust me on that decision... Remastering done with Soundforge 5.
3) Here is the track list for the first two "Variations":
Wild Love:
Disk One
01 - 770918 Atlanta
02 - 771020 Boston early
03 - 771029 NYC Palladium
04 - 780130 Hamburg
Disk Two
01 - 771031 NYC Palladium
02 - 771111 Kansas City
03 - 780217 Copenhagen
04 - 780226 Brussels
Yo' Mama
Disk One
01 - 780130 Hamburg
02 - 780201 Dusseldorf
03 - 780217 Copenhagen early
04 - 780218 Gothenburg
05 - 780224 Eppleheim
Disk Two
01 - 780226 Brussels
02 - 780921 Poughkeepsie
03 - 781015 Stoneybrook early
04 - 781029 NYC Palladium
05 - 811029 NYC Palladium
Drowning Witch (TBA)
PLEASE, wait until the official announcement of this new vine, before you send your email requests. Thank you.
4. the Yo Mama and Wild Love Variation Variations that appeared not
that long ago on The Big Note site and will be re-appearing again,
soon, somewhere (here?)
-yeah, speaking of which, if i anyone has burned these suckers to CD-R (the Drowning Witch Variations, as well!) I'd really like to get a copy


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