Yes, I think I've seen the PKD documentary - such a programme was broadcast on the BBC some years ago, and I presume it was the same. But, if you happen to have a copy ...

"mr. and mrs. skull" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Have you seen the PKD documentary? It's fairly redundant if you've read the biography "Divine Invasions" but the interviews with those who knew him were worth seeing.
Seems to be the case that more often than not, it's the artists who reflect back accurately what a given culture or society is doing, and where it's at in its development.
Frank wrote about a secret underground base in "Thingfish" and lo and behold later it was revealed that it wasn't just a product of his imagination. Not to mention he saw compact discs and music downloading twenty years before this arrived.
Yep! I can relate to that. I recently read again (after about a 15 year absence!!), "The Simulacra" and I was quite astonished/knocked-back by its insights/prescience. And, yes, "Radio Free Albemouth" is a great novel, especialy as - IF I recall correctly - PKD 'assimilates' his experince of being monitored/investigated by the 'dark forces' of the FBI/CIA. PKD, in the lates 1960s, attended a few meetings of the Communist Party of the United States of America, which was enjoying a mini-renaissance under the 'fire' of people like Angela Davies (especally in California, PKD's base). He eventually 'drifted' away, but was classified as a Communist Party sympathiser/'fellow-traveller, and 'monitored' day and night' by YOU-KNOW-WHO. At one stage, it was fairly clear that PKD's phone was being TAPPED by the FBI/CIA, but almost everybody - understandably in some ways, given his drugs-intake - dismissed him for being 'paranoid'. We now know, of course, and it has been since 'officially' confessed, that his phone WAS tapped by the FBI/CIA, and his apartment WAS broken into, and burgled, by FBI/CIA shits looking for 'subversive/communist' material.
Meanwhile, back in Florida ...

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