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>LOL!!!!! Hilarious!
>"Mr Nader's first official, presidential declaration was that Frank Zappa
>musical appreciation classes were to be made compulsory in all schools -
>with perhaps a bit of Captain Beefheart and Edgar Varese thrown in for good
>measure. This decision provoked the Southern Republican senator, Mr Duke
>Newt Hazard, to declare that Mr Nader was planning to 'inflict the devil's
>music on our young and vulnerable', adding: 'Nader's despotic,
>communist-homosexualist agenda poses a mortal threat to the moral and
>spiritual fibre of the American people, if not world civilisation itself'.
>Prayers will be held non-stop in a bid to sabotage Mr Nader's Frank Zappa
>Appreciation Act, and reactionary, semi-senile senators  have pledged to
>filibuster the Act out of existence.
>"Meanwhile, back to the sports scores, where the Yankee Dandys hammered the
>... "
>(New York Times November 3 2004).
oh man,  how I wish schools had Zappa music appreciation classes.
Here in the southwest (arizona) public school students are "forced"
to view- Selena-the movie. Selena? Why not liberace,wayne newton and toby 
talentless fucks, all. Oh well i can Fantasize with the best of 'em.

    "red lips, blue eyes, blonde hair...unwise........

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