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One of the FZ fans that downloaded the DVD version I posted on EZT did some research and this is what he came up with as far as what was from the late and early shows from this Halloween 1981-10-31. I had originally thought this was just the early show and I think the VCD may be labeled that way.
01. Black Napkins #
02. Montana #
03. Easy Meat #
04. Beauty Knows No Pain #
05. I'm A Beautiful Guy #
06. Charlie's Enormous Mouth #
07. Fine Girl #
08. Teenage Wind #
09. Harder Than Your Husband #
10. Bamboozled By Love #
11. We're Turning Again *
12. Alien Orifice *
13. Flakes *
14. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes *
15. You Are What You Is *
16. Mudd Club *
17. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing *
18. Dumb All Over *
19. Heavenly Bank Account *
20. Suicide Chump *
21. Jumbo Go Away *
22. Stevie's Spanking #
23. The Torture Never Stops #
24. Strictly Genteel #
25. The Illinois Enema Bandit #

* early show
# late show
Also included in this vine is the complete MTV broadcast from the same date. I had originally thought it was the late show but it might be a mixture as well. It does have some different tracks and includes the VJ's and is said to be MTV's first broadcast of a live show. I didn't do the rip and the picture isn't the very best but the sound is good.
-The original MTV broadcast was just a live airing of the late show. Subsequent airings did not contain all the encores, though. If I'm not mistaken, FZ actually released *three* home videos from the Halloween 1981 shows, all of which contained a mix of tracks from both the early and late shows. "The Torture Never Stops" was one, and there were also two shorter videos, "Dumb All Over" and, if I remember correctly, "You Are What You Is" (which was also aired on USA's Night Flight).
( There was a later, different Night Flight program called "You Are What You Watch", which contained a variety of items, all of which later came out on the "Video From Hell" VHS. )

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