Hi guys & gals - here is a copy of the message I've just posted over
at Zappateers. I'm planning (well, hoping!) to upload Madison
11-Aug-84 (2-CDs - original source) as a torrent, but I just cannot
get 'Easy Meat' (real nice version as well) to extract properly - all
the other tracks are fine. Very frustrating!

Hi guys & gals!

I'm trying to upload my first ever torrent (Madison 11-8-84) to
Zappateers & DimeaDozen, but I'm having problems extracting the last
track (No14 - "Easy Meat) from the first disc - I keep getting errors,
"suspicious positions" warnings and so on. However, this is the first
time I've ever used Exact Audio Copy, so I don't really know the
'tricks of the trade' yet. Yes, I've extensively cleaned the offending
disc and tweakes some of the settings ('burst enable', for instance),
but still no joy. Needless to say, it plays perfectly fine, just will
not extract. Any advice?

Once I sort this out, I'm planning to upload some Mike Keneally shows
and a really good 90min radio interview with FZ, entitled - "Broadway
the Hardway explained and more' on a 'Feast of Friends' show KMPC
8-1-89 (w/Alan Ladd). I do not recall seeing this one doing the rounds
either on Zappateers or EasyTree/DimeaDozen.

If, for any reason, you do not think it would be advisable to upload
the content listed above, please let me know - as I said before, I am
a newbie to all this Torrenting/Uploading/Seeding (etc) stuff.

Also, what program would you recommend for 'digitalising' my FZ audio
cassettes - SoundForge, Nero Wave/sound Editor, CD Wave, WaveLab or
Adobe Audition? I must admit, I don't have a clue about how to do it,
so all tips & sagely advice gratefully accepted!!



p.s. I include the draft text/blurb that comes with my putative
Madison '84 upload:

"This is my first ever torrent upload, so be gentle with me - you know
what it is like when you lose your cherry! Obviously, as this is my
first bash, it will (in all probablity) be quite amateurish, but you
live and learn, I suppose.

I didn't choose this recording for any great particular reason, except
that I don't recall seeing it floating around Zappateers/EasyTree
recently - though of course I could be completely wong about that!

Not much to say about the lineage of this recording, apart from the
fact that it came to me as the "Moustache Over Madison" 2-cd bootleg
(my mate bought it for a lot of money!!).

I haven't done any of that fancy editing stuff, as the original discs
sounded fine to me - though some of the hard-core veterans might
disagree! In the future I might edit/polish any Zappa stuff I upload,
probably using either SoundForge v7 or Steinberg's WavLab (or maybe
Nero Sound/wave editor). Naturally, I do not have a clue at the moment
as to how to use these programs, but I'll learn no doubt.

I plan to uploads shed-loads of FZ material. I've been meaning to do
it for ages, but just somehow never found the time. For instance, at
the moment, I've got about three boxes of FZ audio cassettes lurking
on the backstairs, most of which I've never found the time to listen
to, let alone transfer/digitalise/torrentise ...

Let the torrent (stupid pun intended) begin!

All friendly and constructive advise will be gratefully accepted - and
anything else will be politely, but sternly, ignored! Contact me at

Oh yes, the technical info and track listings - of which the latter,
naturally, I've lazily cut-and-pasted from Jon Naurin's show list, and
amended where appropriate.

"Original source unknown>2XCD-R>EAC>WAV>SHN(MWCT)>BitComet"

11-Aug 1984, Oscar Meyer Theatre, Madison, WI
120 min, Aud, A-
Digitally recorded.

Disc 1
1.Tuning Up
2.Heavy Duty Judy
3. Band Intro
4.Tinseltown Rebellion
5.More Trouble Every Day
6.Penguin In Bondage
7.Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
8.Advance Romance
9.Cocaine Decisions
10.Nig Biz
11Outside Now
12.Be In My Video
14.Easy Meat (incl. Variations On Sinister #3)

Disc 2
1.Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
2.Carol You Fool
3.Chana In De Bushwop
4.Let's Move To Cleveland
5. Chat/Tuning Up#2
6.Dinah-Moe Humm
7.Dancin' Fool
9.The Illinois Enema Bandit"
Very Happy Question

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