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Hi Milhouse!
I've got some FLAC files on my hard drive (downloaded from either
Zappateers or EasyTree) and and I want to burn them onto a CD-R, so I
can play them on my portable stereo. Nero just automatically
'converts' (or decompresses them) FLAC to WAV when you go to burn them
- BAO is supposed to do the same. But I cannot make it do that, even
though it is supposed to!
This is my dilemma,
Hm. I've only dealt with burning FLAC files as .wav one time (well, twice, as there were two discs in that particular vine). Myself, I just used FLAC Frontend to convert them to .wav and then burned the .wav files as a standard audio CD because I couldn't figure out how to get BAO to do it. So, that's my advice.. if you want to burn FLAC files as a regular CD, use the FLAC thingie to conver them first.

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