Title: Re: [Zappa-List] A Question of DVD formats
The message was loud and clear, Richard, thank you very much. Is it safe to assume the rest of the world is PAL? Or are there other formats out there with which to contend?

The system used in America & Canada  is called "NTSC".
Western Europe  and Australia use a system called "PAL",

and Eastern Europe and France use "SECAM".

But I think SECAM is for VHS and I guess DVDs in France are in Pal format. Most recent VCRs in France are Pal/Secam compatible also. My VCR can do Pal & Secam and It can read NTSC in Pal (but not record in NTSC).
All DVD players over here can read PAL & NTSC so it wouldn't bother me if you'd send me an NTSC DVD although my country (Switzerland) is in PAL.
I assume a Japanese DVD player could read PAL as well as NTSC.

Then there is the Zone/Region issue, simply burn your DVD with no region.
My DVD player is region-free, as most of the units sold over here, and it may (or not) be the case for the DVD players sold in Japan, I don't know.
So if you'd buy a DVD in the States and would send it to someone in Japan, he wouldn't be able to read it unless he has a region-free player.

The US are region 1 NTSC
I think Japan is Region 2 NTSC
Most of Europe is region 2 PAL


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