Looking at it again, the disc I wound up with is for the *early* show, heh.
If anyone wants the early show (FLAC), gimme a call.
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On June 2nd, Pete Restall posted the message at the bottom.  The last I heard no one had contacted him.  Since David sent the below message, I have an idea if all approve.  I still have a copy of this vine which I could send to Chris F. sinec I am in the US, basically splitting this into two vines.  Logical?
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I think I got skipped in this vine, so I'm adding myself to the end.

Mike << Bart << Richard Moore-UK <<Chris Foreman USA<<<David G-US

Due to an administrive error... er cock up on my part
I've posted 13 Nov 1980 Pittsburgh FLAC disc to the Americas and not
the disc I should have
If you are waiting for 13 Nov 1980 Pittsburgh FLAC disc from me please
email me and Joesph (hello Joseph) will kindly forward it on.
Apologies to all
Best regards


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