Well, the obvious has been done - correct track separation. Now I have to find a City of Tiny Lights with a similar sound and solo (shouldn't be too tough; FZ played that "Aint Necessarily So" solo several times). Once that track is repaired, I'll be looking to do the same with "Illinois Enema Bandit" - tho a comparable solo there will not be as easy to hunt down.
Correct those two tracks and I should be able to do something about the upper and lower level 'munge' that's blocking out some good middle range stuff. At least, I think I can...
I am currently in use of Soundforge 7  but am but a baby with this and wouldnt like to offer anything out until both technical proficient and  musically heartfelt at the results it just wouldn't be right! keep it in house for the time being.
Good luck SOFA With your endeavours!

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