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I have a 2 DVD set of  


Project Object

Middle East

Cambridge, MA USA

April 11, 2005


SET 1:


Track 01: Intro

Track 02: Chunga's Revenge

Track 03: Titties and Beer > T'Mershi Duween

Track 04: Florentine Pogen

Track 05: I Don't Wanna Get Drafted

Track 06: Idiot Bastard Son >

Track 07: Pygmy Twylyte

Track 08: Uncle Meat > King Kong

Track 09: Packard Goose

Track 10: Uncle Remus

Track 11: <Merch Rap>

Track 12: Peaches En Regalia


SET 2:


Track 03: Intro

Track 02: Andy

Track 03: Inca Roads

--- Entire Overnite Sensation ---

Track 04: Camarillo Brillo  

Track 05: I'm The Slime

Track 06: Dirty Love

Track 07: Fifty-Fifty

Track 08: Zomby Woof

Track 09: Dinah-Moe Humm

Track 10: Montana

--- End Overnite Sensation ---

Track 11: Eat That Question

Track 12: Village of the Sun


Any intrest in a vine of this set? The players aren’t listed but I see some familiar faces. It’s not a pro shot but gives a nice feel of being there.

How is the sound quality? Personally, I would *love* to have this (I've seen P/O three times nows and the Cleveland show I attended on the same tour was one of the other of the small handful of times they did all of Overnite) but I'm unable to burn DVDs and couldn't really continue the vine myself.

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