The mail delivery is a bugger through Yahoo. I just told Milhouse he could have it. His mail was sent at 20:51 GMT, and I received it before your mail Neil, which was sent at 19:17 GMT.
I think rather than fight for it, I will go with the sent time for the decider, so: sorry Milhouse, Neil gets it and you are next.
Neil, please send your address off list to me, and Milhouse send your address to Neil.
Neil_Hawins2003-UK << Milhouse <<
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Hi Richard, I'm interested in this one - Neil from the UK

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> I just received this from Luis, much appreciated. I believe that I
was at the end of the line for this one. Tell me if I am wrong there?
> Just wondering if there are anymore takers to send on to?
> Regards, Richard.

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