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Jeff Simmons "Lucille Has Messed Up My Mind" 1969
Straight 1057

Side A

1. Appian Way
2. Zondo Zondo
3. Madame Du Barry
4. Lucille Has Messed Up My Mind

Side B

1. Ray
2. Wonderful Wino
3. Tigres
4. Aqueous Humore
5. Conversation With A Recluse

Jeff Simmons  gtr
Randy Steirling
John Kehlior  drms
Craig Tarwater  gtr
Ian Underwood  gtr
Ron Woods  drms
Frank Zappa  gtr

Taken From Vernon Joynson's Fuzz Acid & Flowers
Vernon Joynson's Fuzz Acid & Flowers is fucking wrong.
(who apologizes for swearing)

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