Ah that was the 5 VCD vine that I started way back in January. The TTNS version of the 10-31-81 show came out vary well as I recall. I checked back looking for a vine list and it looks like it was pre new system. I.E. there was no list. Looks like it’s been around the world a couple of times though. I highly recommend this one for non DVD burners that don’t have the TTNS (The Torture Never Stops) show. I made it from the same tape as the DVD but did a separate rip rather than converting from DVD.  


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With thanks to Neil Hawkins in the UK [EMAIL PROTECTED], I can now make these discs available to whomever want them - Who's next?


FZ MTV 1981-10-31 late show VCD, 2 CDRs

FZ MTV 1981-10-31 early show, The Torture Never Stops, 2 CDRs

FZ Monday Conference 1973-7-2, 1 CDR





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