First shows were in Kansas City, 11-11-77 Uptown Theater. 2 shows in one night, the second is being vined somewhere. Wish I had the first show.Then saw Frank in Tulsa,Ok Brady Theater Oct 18 1980, 2 shows again in one night. Bald Headed John caught me taping the first show and crushed my tape in his hand then stepped on it.The next day he played in OK city and I taped it but it got lost! Then saw him again at the Brady in 1981. Then saw the Ok city 12-6-84 show which I vined out awhile ago. Was planning on Dallas 1988, but the tour was cancelled! Damn.

Nick Ullmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
saw Zappa in Stafford in UK mid seventies 74/75, the show wasn't sold out
and zappa made no attempt at contact with the audience. Excellent
technically but lacked soul,

                        Kind Regards, nick

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  The first concert I ever went to was Frank at
> Jones Beach New York, 1983,

Looks like 16th August 84.
I have this on cd somewhere (I think)..........I'll dig it out later.


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