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We've noticed that customers who have purchased Does Humor Belong in Music? Frank Zappa Live also purchased Frank Zappa: Dub Room Special on DVD. For this reason, you might like to know that Frank Zappa: Dub Room Special is now available on DVD. You can order yours at a savings of 33% by following the link below.



Frank Zappa: Dub Room Special




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Live performances by two very different groups led by the late Frank Zappa are the main attraction of Dub Room Special, a relatively rare DVD offering from one of contemporary music's most prolific and hard-to-classify figures. There were always two sides to Zappa (who died in 1993), from serious composer/musician to potty-mouthed frat boy, from innovator, iconoclast, and provocateur to juvenile shtick-meister. Both are on display here, but while there's plenty of fooling around, onstage and off, in the end it's Zappa's music that makes the more profound impression. The earlier of the two... Read more


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