It's scarey trying to be a "critic" here ("...people that can't write, 
writing for people that can't read...", not that that's this bunch of 
folks here, but you know the quote and what I mean about me not being a 
a "qualified"reviewer), but here's my take on what I've seen so far.

These students certainly get an A for effort and for their choice of 
material. And kudos to the responsible parties in the school 
administration for allowing them to put this show on!

I dug the "mixed media" aspects (stage and video and live music).
The band was really quite good and pulled off some decent covers of the 
tunes ( Joe's Garage, Cathlic Girls, Wet T-shirt Night come to mind), 
but when the lead guitarist attempted long solos...well, look what he 
was going up against. He shouldn't have tried.

I'm not a big fan of "interpretive" dance. I thought the choreography 
was pretty poor (in fact, it looked like I choreographed it. If you 
knew me and my attempts at dancing you'd know what I mean. It was that 
bad.) But give me seven or eight attractive young ladies dancing around 
in short plaid skirts and white knee socks and I'm happy!
Their Lucille can mess my mind up any ol' time!

I think the production values cheapened (not in a good way) by the Sy 
Borg segment. I have a feeling a different production designer took 
over at that point (or they just ran out of money). When I think of 
what could have been done for "...a magical pig with marital aids stuck 
all over it,... wires, pliers, tires...", and what they ended up 
with,...geez, not even a "...little leather cap and trousers..." for 
Gay Bob.

Well anyway...

That's as far as I got watching it.
Hope you liked my little "review".

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