You might try DVD decriptor on it before sending it on. I’ve had it read discs that wouldn’t copy before. It’s become vary hard to find for download so I’ve made it available here on my web space for a day or two.

It will (if it can) make the VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive. Then with Nero follow these instructions.


Jim L



Since (I think) V5, Nero has included DVD burning and creation in it's suite
of programs. If all you want to do is burn an exact copy of what you've
downloaded, then you need to go to the Nero Burning Rom part of the
program-this is the 'classic' Nero interface which has remained pretty much
the same for years now (Other than having DVD burning added to it). It's
usually found in Start>programs>Nero>..... In mine it's under Nero 6 Ultra
Version, yours will be whatever version of the program you've got, but it
will be there. When you do get there, a wizard will open-make sure DVD is
selected them choose 'DVD Video'

A possible alternate way to get to this part of the suite is from the Nero
Smart Start desktop logo, choose DVD, then hit the Photo and Video icon and
choose 'Burn DVD-Video Files'

Whichever method you've use so far, you will now see a 4 pane window-in the
second pane you will see two red folders, audio_ts and video_ts-click on the
video_ts one.

Now, in pane 3 navigate to wherever on your hard drive the DVD you
downloaded is stored, and click on it so it opens up in panel 4. You should
see audio_ts and video_ts folders again (It's possible that no audio_ts
folder will be there). Click on the video_ts folder, highlight ALL the files
in there and drag them across to pane 2.

Now all you need to do is stick a blank disc in, and hit the 'Burn' icon
along the top and your DVD will start to burn.

That's it, really!! What you don't want to do is use Nerovision Express
unless you specifically want to change the structure of the disc. This will
be a long, drawn out process that will result in the footage probably being
re-encoded, and you will lose the menu's.

Hope that helps

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got these form Mike and ready to send them to White Rabbitt.  Please
email me off-list with your address.

I could not copy DVD1, Nero gives 'Cannot read' error message close to
the end.  Anybody else noticed this?



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