Well a turds a turd I guess. I think Michael was referring to my question about the ’77 31st show though. Unless he was confusing the two. Ether way a vine with 2 good shows and 1 turd is still a pretty good vine. Completests might even want the turd. I think I’m spoiled from so many great sound board recordings. Ever sense I heard that practically every show had a sound board recording made I’ve been collecting them almost exclusively. I don’t know where they all come from but there have been a lot lately. Perhaps the ZTF will see fit to let them all out someday soon.  


Jim L

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I should probably explain this better...

The early show from the 31st sounds pretty fair - no complaints from me, anyway. The late show, however, is a turd. I can tweak the sound, I can correct the speed, but there's no way to eliminate the taper's asshole friends who do NOT shut up the entire show. And it's grating - well, to me, it's way more than grating...

Nevermind; I've made the decision to pass this show along as is. Even polished to a see-yourself sheen, there's just no disguising that this show is a turd...

And I've yet to hear FZ introduce himself as Cher Allman - something I find hysterical, and am listening for intently. Got a couple more tracks to "proof" before the package is ready...



i have 10/30 and 10/31 on cassette..i rated the 30th B+ and 31st B-

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