Yes,SOFA,I quite agree.
The first ever question I was asked was easy.......who has released more
albums......Dylan or Zappa ?
Yes, that one is easy; more difficult would have been who was bootlegged more in the late '60s, D or Z?

Of course I'm no *expert* really,just a fan,although it just goes to show
what you can pick up in a thrift shop if you keep your eyes open.......I
guess *thrift shop* is the same as our UK *charity shops* ?
We have an entire culture here that thrives on 2nd-hand goods & their resale. I assume that the 'charity' shops you mention are quite the same as our 'Goodwill' or 'Salvation Army' Thrift stores. The next level up is the privately run 2nd-hand stores - still called thrift shop.
Then you have the swap meets & flea markets; above them is the antique malls, and finally the antique shop.
Thrift stores are the best because the sellers rarely know the value of what they have. Antique shops are the worst for the opposite - the sellers know, and charge dearly...
A phenomenon we have have here is the "garage sale". This is usually where you find the best stuff.

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