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I went back a ways and checked the archives; it appears you're the last on this vine. I've not seen it myself, so you can send it on to me. I'll send you my addy off-list.
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hey fellow viners---john g in kansas yakkin' at ya---who's next in line for this cool dvd?---send me your addie & it'll be on it's way to ya!---you don't wanna miss this one!!!---Oz
> DVD: "Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage - Multimedia Rock Opera (Criminal Mix)"
> Video Format: NTSC 4:3 (Mpeg 2, 720x480)
>  Regions: All
>  Performed and filmed 1999/04/16 (at the video studio of the Media Center at University of Michigan, North Campus, Ann Arbor, Michigan), Cosmosis Productions performed Frank
Zappa's "Joe's Garage" as a live stage adaptation. The show featured a 7-piece band(featuring Ike Willis as a special guest), 6 modern dancers, a full cast of 10, a larger-than-life Scrutinizer, projections featuring character and digital animation, and quadraphonic sound

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