Hi Glen, I am in the US so, if I had a copy I could vine it here:)
Let me know how I can help!

Glen Young <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Going through some old discs I've found a dvd-r copy of the above Room 101
release of material from August 6 & 7 1974 KCET-TV Los Angeles.

I don't need this disc as I have the Room 101 original so I thought I'd
offer it up here.

The dvd-r in question if I remember correctly was sent to me by a trading
colleague (not on this list),before I acquired the original.It's on an
unbranded dvd-r disc which has some light surface scratches on the playeable
side and which could do with a clean in general.......I don't really know
why this is the case as it's hardly ever been played and has been in a
protective sleeve since I've had it but there you go.

I've just checked it in my pc and it plays perfectly on win dvd so there
shouldn't be a problem.
Due to postage costs,I'm only prepared to send this to someone in the UK
first off but then it can go anywhere as far as I'm concerned.

It can even go as a vine if enough people want it.

So if anyone in the UK wants this please get in touch off list and please
feel free to offer it back up.


Is this how we do vines as I've never signed up for one ;-)) ?


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