hi!!!---hey I'd sure like to get in on this one too----thanks!!!---john g in kansas
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If no one else has signed up for this yey I would love to recieve it:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] << Mark Timbrell - UK << ?????



I'm willing to post it to USA.

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED]ups.com, "Glen Young" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Going through some old discs I've found a dvd-r copy of the above
Room 101
> release of material from August 6 & 7 1974 KCET-TV Los Angeles.
> I don't need this disc as I have the Room 101 original so I
thought I'd
> offer it up here.
> The dvd-r in question if I remember correctly was sent to me by a
> colleague (not on this list),before I acquired the original.It's
on an
> unbranded dvd-r disc which has some light surface scratches on the
> side and which could do with a clean in general.......I don't
really know
> why this is the case as it's hardly ever been played and has been
in a
> protective sleeve since I've had it but there you go.
> I've just checked it in my pc and it plays perfectly on win dvd so
> shouldn't be a problem.
> Due to postage costs,I'm only prepared to send this to someone in
the UK
> first off but then it can go anywhere as far as I'm concerned.
> It can even go as a vine if enough people want it.
> So if anyone in the UK wants this please get in touch off list and
> feel free to offer it back up.
> Is this how we do vines as I've never signed up for one ;-)) ?
> Cheers,
> Glen


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