That was a good one that I still play often. If no one wants it please check it into the orphanage for future members to have a chance at. Speaking of the orphanage I think a few have been rescued and made a few hops only to stop again. The thing is that I’m not sure the orphanage information was updated when this happened. If everyone could have a look at the orphanage database and make sure it’s accurate it would be great. I think anyone can edit the database.



Jim L

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thx to Max S. for sending this on ... I believe I was last on this
last run - so it's up for grabs to anybody who wants to copy and pass
on ... or maybe just park its se-e-e-e-elf ...

regards ... jc


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>> Hey, folks. I've had this thing for a while now and no one responded
>> to my last post about
>> it. I'm assuming it goes back to the originator of the vine, so
>> whomever that is, please
>> send me your address and I'll send it on home to ya.
>> Thanks again to Skip for passing it my way. Aside from the bit missing
>> from "Idiot Bastard
>> Son," it's a hell of a show with pretty good sound.
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