For Steve's sanity, here's what I find in this vine's history (this is one confusing sucker):
Restallp - UK << Ashley Harold - UK << Bart (Pol) << Arto (Fin) << Steve Marshall (US - MO)
I believe this order is correct; if anyone was inadvertently dropped, please add yourself again.
It would be helpful if the person sending the vine on makes a post with their name taken off the list...
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Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 5:31 PM
Subject: [Zappa-List] Vine moving - Felt Forum Halloween '76 - 6 disks

I added myself to this vine a few days ago and now I'm nowhere to be found
(actually, I noticed this a couple days ago). Did I do something wrong? I
thought all I had to do was add my name to the end...

Just wondering.... Can someone who knows how to do this add me?


Steve (in the US)

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