A Token of His Extreme and the KCET show are I believe one and the same. Hope that helps.  Seems like someone was asking about the thingfish premix but I can’t seem to find that mail.


Jim L

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yes, this looks correct, with one problem: I haven't received the dvd of 'a token of my extreme' as of yet---HOWEVER, I still have 3 different sets of FZ stuff & I cannot find where they go next in their respective vines---they are:

-1-thingfish/premix demos, etc

-2-200 motels/video disc rip

-3-FZ/KCET dvd

----so, if anybody is next in line for any of these, PLEEZE get in touch with me & I'll happily get them to ya!---thanx friends---john g in kansas

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it is with john g..and michael golub ([EMAIL PROTECTED]net) is after dawayne

Jim L <[EMAIL PROTECTED].com> wrote:

Looks like this was the last listing.

john g in kansas (US) << Dawayne Bailey US [EMAIL PROTECTED] << ???

Must be with John G?

Jim L

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> >
> > John K wrote
> >
> > By the way, I just used Nero and the disc copied with no problems.
> >
> > Good,very glad to hear this.
> >
> > Glen
> >
> Anyone know the latest on where this DVD is in the chain? Thanks for
> your help.

testing - 1, 2, 3....ahem....is this mic on?

anyone know? thank you.

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