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I'll start a US leg after Euro hoppination - but I have a question or two:
Titties & Beer was one of the very first Boots I ever purchased (in Japan, in 1979), so I didn't know about "boot quality"; I thought the sound sucked, but found the performance behind the shitty sound amazing.
Glen, you say it sounds better like you have heard the vinyl in comparison. Is it markedly better? A little better? Really only a little bit better? I still own that vinyl, so if it's the same, I shouldn't get in line.
And - just to make sure this is the same boot we're talking about - does BHAFA end in a Beach Boys parody of Little Deuce Coup (She gotta little poop shoot, you don't know what she got)?
A yes to the first question would be appreciated; a yes to the second is expected...
Warm Regards,
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Hi Glen, I’ll hop in on this please.

>>> Ashley Harrold (UK) >>> ???

Anyone else gonna join up?





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