I thought I had this in my collection but a quick check shows that I don't
have it in the flac section. I do have a few other shows somewhere that are
in audio CD format only. I'll have to do some digging and check them. Either
way it's possible that Wolfgang's source tapes are better than and possibly
different than what's been circulating. 


Jim L


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Dawayne wondered

Thank you for that info. Much appreciated. I am still wondering
though, it this recording currently in circulation in the FZ trading

I just checked the FZ shows database and it's listed as circulating as a 62m

sbd in A- quality,and it also says the first 20m circulate under a different

date (24/6/70),

If you're not familiar with the site I'm talking about just google for FZ 
shows and it will come right up.

Glen in Bristol,England.


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