They say downloads are coming but some details still need worked out. It
also says they've transferred the well preserved tapes to the highest
quality digital formats. I can only hope they will offer downloads in flac
or an equivalent format then. I can't find the Zappa concert today so I
guess it rotated out. I'm listening to a Black Sabbath concert from 1975
just now. Brings back some old memories cause I always went to see them back
then when they came to town back then. Anyway I'm hopeful that downloads of
a few Zappa shows among others will be available soon. 


Jim L


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I do have this show (courtesy of Zappeteers) and have confirmed that it is
the same show, but a completely different recording. There is a different
balance in the sound (wolfgangs appears better, but it streams at a low
bitrate so the flac version could be exceptional. The drop outs aren't the

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Jim L <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I thought I had this in my collection but a quick check shows that 
I don't
> have it in the flac section. I do have a few other shows somewhere 
that are
> in audio CD format only. I'll have to do some digging and check 
them. Either
> way it's possible that Wolfgang's source tapes are better than and 
> different than what's been circulating. 
> Jim L

Thanks Jim and Glen. The quality of the Wolfgang's Vault recording 
is very nice. Have any of you checked out any of their other 
concerts that you can record on your computer? It's an amazing 
source for free shows: 
http://concerts. <>



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