I found a listing for a vinyl boot called Frankie Meets Bobby and the fist  
side is all Bob Dylan and the other side is a Zappa show but it lists a bizarre 
 song called Bird Of Peace. I heave the 2/21/79 show where it says these are 
from  and the Overture must be the intro sound effects and music from that 
show but  nothing sounds the the Bird title. Anyone know?
 Here's the details
Side two:  
Bird of peace 
Dead girls of London 
Brown  shoes 
Jumbo, go away 
Bird Of Peace is an oddity. "Unreleased session with Neil Young, The  Band, 
George Harrison, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Leonard Cohen and The Bee  Gees". 
This one is in fact not a Dylan track, but a Zappa one. Frank and  his band 
mates imitate the voices  of the above artists.  
All  Zappa tracks were recorded live in Bruxelles Feb. 21, 1979 at Vorst  

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