Thanks to Andy Goldstein for retrieving this from the bad old post office  
and sending it on to me.
We're down to skipsign and ryxid on this one.  Skipsign, send me your  
address and I'll send it on to ya ~
John K
BTW, somewhere along the line, this got paired up with the Messehalle,  
Sindelfingen disc - I know it didn't start out that way.
john k in california(us) << skipsign (us) << ryxid in IL  (us)<< ???
GUEST - DON CHERRY -trumpet &  flute
Date: Oct 3, 1968
Venue: Tivoli Gardens,  Copenhagen
Media: CDR
Number: 2
Source: aud? guest:Don  Cherry
Quality: B B-

CD1 - 2 long tracks
TRACK 1 Return  Of The Son Of Monster Magnet>improv> Help I'm A
Rock>  improv>
TRACK 2>Improv (cont)//Absolutely Free w/ There's A  Small
Hotel>Rock-a- bye Baby>Prelude to the Afternoon Of A Sexually  Aroused
Gasmask>Teddy Bear March>In The Sky(cut)/ The String  Quartet,Legend
of The Golden Arches (cont)

CD2 2 long tracks
TRACK  1>String Quartet (cont)>Sleeping In A Jar/Improv w/Don  Cherry
TRACK 2Orange County Lumber Truck: Legend Of The Golden  Arches,
Sleeping In A Jar,

CDR from trade > eac > flac front  end(level 8) > YOU!

Ripped for DIME-A-DOZEN by GaryM Apr 9, 2006
Just looking through my box of discs for something to offer the group  and
came across this recording from Messehalle,Sindelfingen,West  Germany

Nice sound on this 2cd show,not sure how many on this  list have the show but
I could make a copy available to pass around if  required.

I mean,come on,Dave Logeman is on drums  ;-))

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