Forgot to say thanks to Mark Martinez in Tucson, Arizona for sending it out  
John K
(Where's my manners!!)
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This one's ready to move on - Next in line is Carlos in Portugal.   

Carlos, send me your address off-list and I'll get this out the door and  on 
the way to you.
John K
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Zappa  Plays Zappa 

NYC Beacon Theater 

June 12, 2006
Disc  1 
    1.  King  Kong  
    2.  Yellow Snow   > St. Alphonso's  
    3.  Inca  Roads  
    4.  Tryin' to Grow a  Chin  
    5.  City of Tiny  Lights  
    6.  Punky's Whips  (long version) 
Disc  2 
    1.  Black  Page  
    2.  Peaches   
    3.  Montana   
    4.  Village of the  Sun  
    5.  Echinda’s  Arf  
    6.  Zomby Woof (tapes  runs out before end)  
    7.  Chunga's  Revenge  
    8.  Oh, No! > Son  of  Son   <ST1>  
    9.  More Trouble Every  Day  
    10. A token > Band  introductions  
    11. SOFA  

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