Hey all, Hope everyone's Holiday was good and the New year will be even  
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Andre has just appointed me  
the " OFFICIAL p/o video 
archivist". With these duties that I have accepted  I will be recieveing all 
the Video from the Vault. I will then be responsible  for converting and 
digitizing the video. I think the Temperature controlled  armour truck will be 
leaving NJ any minute now to make that trek to CT where it  will go under 
Out of this I will be pulling complete shows, complete songs, complete  sound 
checks and lots of incomplete stufff too.
So stay tuned for further updates on the video status.
If you have any PO video to add to the massive amounts in transit drop me a  
line and I will gladly take any donations and once everything gets converted 
and  digitized I will be doing trades as well.
Kevin - AKA - Bald Headed John (BHJ)
PS Please forward this on to anyone who may be  of interest.
Music (And video of music) is the best

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