I've really enjoyed the Stage Series and rather wish that there was a Vol 7
and 8.
Afterall, there's still plenty of unreleased songs and arrangements that
would fit the "Stage" criteria.
For example, we've finally got the Petit Wazoo disc but this still omits
Little Dots and a Rollo with vocals.
Another Stage release could provide a home for these.


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  I was just freaking out to a bit of Stage Vol 2 yesterday when I looked at
  the back of the cd case to see when it came out.

  I couldn't believe it when it said 1988,well I suppose I could when I
  thought about it but blimey how time flies.

  Superb show though.
  Vol 1 is ace.
  Three is excellent.

  The 82 stuff on 4 is great.

  Vols 5 & 6 are ok but not so good,and seem a bit rushed perhaps
  understandably ;-((

  What do others think of the Stage series ?


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