By the way, more info on the Guitar World cassette itself right here.
I guess I was right that "Sharleena" and "Stevie's Spanking" were "bonus 
tracks" for the bootleg album we're talking about here.
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'Things that look like meat' is a track from the Guitar album!

(And 'Guitar hernia' is a boot of the Guitar World tape, that was a preview 
for the Guitar album).

To be specific, "Things That Look Like Meat" is a different edit on the GW 
tape - I believe it's shorter than the version on Guitar (I don't have time to 
verify that at the moment). I think "Stevie's Spanking" (which is the solos 
from the YCDTOSA Vol. 4 version that appears in "Video From Hell") and one 
track were NOT on the GW tape but were added to the track list for that 
bootleg (maybe "Sharleena" was the shorter flexi-disc version of the YCDTOSA 
Vol. 3 
track on this boot?)

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