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There are some pieces of music on this release that are simply amazing. Some 
of my favorites so far...
Keep it Greasy 

When this came on, within the first two or three seconds I said "WOW!" out 
loud (to no one in particular, as I was alone in the house). Maybe the fastest 
version I've heard, and Vinnie is just insane.


Illinois Enema Bandit (never heard Zappa forget lyrics before!!!)

That would be "Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me", but yeah.. funny that he 
would forget words to a song he'd only sang about three billion times since 
1975 or 76 :)
Another nice thing I appreciated more today, upon second listen -- Ray 
White's vocal in the closing section of "City of Tiny Lights".. very bluesy, 
"down 'n dirty", if you like. Awesome stuff.

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