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The songs it has in common with Tinseltown are:

Easy Meat
I Ain't Got No Heart
Tinseltown Rebellion
Pick Me I'm Clean

I haven't heard No Heart yet but it's probably similar.
It's pretty much what one would expect - very similar to the TTR version.

The vocal 
sections of Easy Meat and Pick Me are similar but of course the solos 
are unique.
Also, of course, Pick Me is the faster version all the way through.

Tinseltown is a sort of rough draft version on Buffalo 
compared to the TTR version from almost two months later.
I really enjoy the more straightforward "rock" arrangement of the main part 
of the tune, not that I don't also love the TTR album version (which I've only 
listened to about nineteen million times over the last 20 years, including 
today at work).

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