Saturday April 21 till Saturday April 28 2007

>From Saturday April 21 until Saturday April 28 Holland Doc shines the 
>spotlight on musical genius Frank Zappa. Besides unique film material Holland 
>Doc will also broadcast radio documentaries on the composer and rock-artist 
>Zappa on its website:

The reason behind this tribute is the documentary Frank Zappa - A pioneer of 
the future of music part I & II, recently made by Dutch documentary filmmaker 
Frank Scheffer.

Along with part I of A pioneer of the future of music, Holland Doc will show 
the two famous documentaries Roelof Kiers made in 1971: Zappa and Frank Zappa 
films 200 Motels, and the documentary The Present-day Composer refuses to die, 
made by Frank Scheffer in 2000. For the real hardcore fans of Frank Zappa, 
Holland Doc will also present an episode of the pop program Wonderland, that 
hasn't been broadcasted since 1976. In this episode director Charles 
Leeuwenkamp follows two illustrious ex-band members of Zappa's "Mothers of 
Invention", Mark Volman en Howard Kaylan, alias Flo & Eddie during a 
sightseeing tour in Hollywood.

On the site, Holland Doc will broadcast a Zappa concert 
that took place during the summer of 1970 which was aired in the classic VPRO 
show Piknik. On the website we also present the Supplement Tape, made by Co de 
Kloet in 1990 as a tribute to Zappa's fiftieth birthday and his four hour 
'Freakoutshow', in which he interviews rock journalists and musicians who 
worked with Zappa.

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