Here's what's on the commercial release as bonus features, if you don't know 
  DVD Details:
Additional interviews and demonstrations not included in the broadcast 
version.Full live performances of Montana from the Roxy in 1973 and Im The 
Slime from Saturday Night Live in 1976.New full live performance of Camarillo 
Brillo by Zappa Plays Zappa done specially for this DVD

Dawayne Bailey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          I saw it this morning on VH1Classic and it's all new with the focus 
Overnite Sensation/Apostrophe but it shows current footage and 
interviews with Ian and Ruth Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Joe Travers, Vai, 
Dweez, Moon, Ahmet, Gail, Elliot Ingber, etc.

It shows again tonight at 5pm pacific time and 8pm eastern time. Can't 
wait to see this one passed around on DVD - tons of rare footage of the 
vault, rehearsals and recording both albums, etc etc etc..........

The show is called "Classic Albums":


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