Hey Steve

 We don't sell anything around here. It just isn't ours to sell so that
wouldn't be right. What we do is send it to you free but on loan so that you
can make your own copy. Then you send the original on to the next person
that wants it. This one went around quite a bit here about a year ago. Looks
like Cyrano had it last.


If he doesn't notice this post you could email him. Then you offer it to the
next person or the group if there isn't a waiting list. We call this method
a vine and you can read all about how it works in the FAQ here.



Jim L


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I haven't seen it and would LOVE it if someone could send me a copy. I could
pay for it using PayPal.


Thanks and Aloha from Hawaii,



Zappa fan since 1965



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This list has been rather quiet of late.

I'm just wondering how many folk have seen the dvd of the Univ of Michigan 
production of Joe's Garage available for d/l on Zappateers ?

I can't burn dvds so someone sent me a copy the other day.
I've only got up to Crew Slut but I think it's really rather good.

Any thoughts ?



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