Good catch, JimL! I'd noticed that too...
Might I also suggest hoppination for this one? (I'm confident Conehead won't 
mind.) Hence:
David (US) << John K (US) << Mark M (US) << Robert S
(US) << JoeDP (US) Conehead (BE) << ???
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  From: Jim L 
  Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 6:31 PM
  Subject: [Zappa-List] Re: ZpZ Wiltern Collection

  Looks like we had some unintentional jumping in the middle, and
  knocking off of your fellow viners on this one. Acording to the order
  that yahoo received the messages it should look like this.

  David (US) << John K (US) << Conehead (BE) << Mark M (US) << Robert S
  (US) << JoeDP (US) ???

  Jim L

  --- In, "Joe Della Posta" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
  > WOW I am so glad that there is still more Zappa out there. Help to
  keep the
  > music alive.
  > David (US) << John K (US) << Robert S (US) << JoeDP (US) ???
  > Best Regards:
  > JoeDP

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