I finally took some time to track this one down - to the best of my ability... 
There are rules involved in vining here and if everyone followed them, this 
would not happen (or, at least, tracking the vine would be much easier). This 
is the best order that I found (if this order is not correct, the vine 
participants have only themselves to blame):

Craig in California <bigsassydog@ ...> >> Rand in Texas <plotch12@ .> >> Joe 
Boden (New Zealand)<joseph.boden@ otago.ac. nz> >>Robert S (US) <n2spcmusc@> >> 

Rand, when you're ready to pass this on to Joe in New Zealand, please respond 
to this message, leaving the Subject Line intact, and remove Craig's and your 
name from the front.
Thank You.
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  Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 12:12 AM
  Subject: [Zappa-List] 12/26/75 Vine

  Craig in California here.

  I am done with the 12/26/75 cd.
  Who is next after me ?? I seem to have deleted the original email, my 
  Where can I go ?? (Says the Oakland cds ??) 

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