I didn't intend to lay blame solely on your shoulders, Craig. This vine got 
convoluted early, before you hooked up, and got even worse with time - it was a 
group effort...
Our little system is not the most efficient or effective, but it works when the 
rules are followed. At issue is tracking the vine - for active participants and 
would-be, or future, participants. In order to use the 'Search' feature at the 
main page to track a vine, there needs to be continuity in the process, or the 
thread gets waylaid.
The most important thing is the subject line; a Vine's Subject should always 
begin with "VO", followed by the title of the collection. Other info, like DVD 
or CD or FLAC, can appear in the subject line - at the end - as long as the 
Subject starts out properly. And that subject line needs to perpetuate 
unchanged; even a little difference like 12-26-75 vs. 12/26/75 will throw off 
the Vine's tractability. It's a "tomato / tomahto" thing: essentially 
meaningless to we mortals, it means a lot to the machine we use to convey our 
So do not feel it was "your bad", Bro. In all likelihood, I could have caught 
the subtle change at the time, and corrected it - as I've done on numerous 
occasions, but (since I rarely participate in these things) moderating the 
daily activities of a group as large as ours is rather time consuming.
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  I included that text with the vine.
  I apologize for any trouble.
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    I finally took some time to track this one down - to the best of my 
ability... There are rules involved in vining here and if everyone followed 
them, this would not happen (or, at least, tracking the vine would be much 
easier). This is the best order that I found (if this order is not correct, the 
vine participants have only themselves to blame):

    Craig in California <bigsassydog@ ...> >> Rand in Texas <plotch12@ .> >> 
Joe Boden (New Zealand)<joseph.boden@ otago.ac. nz> >>Robert S (US) 
<n2spcmusc@> >> Bart (Pol) [EMAIL PROTECTED] >>

    Rand, when you're ready to pass this on to Joe in New Zealand, please 
respond to this message, leaving the Subject Line intact, and remove Craig's 
and your name from the front.
    Thank You.
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      Subject: [Zappa-List] 12/26/75 Vine

      Craig in California here.

      I am done with the 12/26/75 cd.
      Who is next after me ?? I seem to have deleted the original email, my 
      Where can I go ?? (Says the Oakland cds ??) 

      For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or 
http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you. 
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