The initial question verges on cruel, because it really is impossible to pick 
one song. I'm reminded of the section at the end of "Goblin Girl" where 
"Doreen" is reprised and it is reharmonized for the key that "Goblin Girl" is 
in. Damn, that is some really clever musicianship.

  Of course, Frank was such a sharp wit, a genius both with music and with 
  and all of "You Are What You Is" has great dialog, and there are certainly
  many classic verses that we have all memorized from "Joe's Garage" and 
  "Sheik Yerbuti" 
  but when it comes to something that gets you in your mind and in your 
  gut (laughing that is),
  I think my all time favorite cleaver Zappa song would be "Cosmik Debris"

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